We have finished writing the manual. The manual includes a discussion on the various tools, how to use them and when. It also provides a tutorial that will guide you through all of the functions of GeoWEPP from loading your data to completing your project. We also included a new “What About My Data?” section that guides you step-by-step how to convert your raw data into GeoWEPP data files using the ArcTools in ArcGIS; this data preparation also reintroduces the concepts discussed in “Advanced GeoWEPP Tools” involving the purpose and creation of the parameter text files. We have included the raw data used in the data preparation section so you can follow along with the steps.

GeoWEPP Manual for ArcGIS 9.x (10MB Bookmarked PDF)

The manual was designed in a way to answer roughly 95% of the questions you may have. You can always contact us if need something expanded on or are unable to find an answer to your problem.

GeoWEPP ArcGIS 9.x Example Exercises:

We also have available two example exercises for you to play with; these are the same example exercise we distributed at the BLM WEPP/GeoWEPP workshop earlier this year in Phoenix, Arizona. These examples are slightly out dated (we made a few changes that eliminated some of the steps listed), but they should give you a good idea of the how GeoWEPP for ArcGIS 9.x works.

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) Exercise (PDF)

Cumulative Watershed Effects (CWE) Exercise (PDF)

Once you get the hang of the features in GeoWEPP, try experimenting on the other example data sets.