2020/2021 Science of the Total Environment Publications – GeoWEPP Validation Studies: 2021 Zhang et al. (2021). Extending model validity to include soil redistribution. & Renschler, C.S., & Zhang, H. (2020). Establishing a baseline for event-based runoff and sediment yields.

2020 Science of the Total Environment Publication – GeoWEPP Application for Fugnitz (Austria) and Can Revull (Spain).

2018 Graduate School of Agriculture & Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, Japan – Renschler is Guest Professor, teaches GeoWEPP course and initiates GeoWEPP project in the contaminated watersheds after the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster.

2018 University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna, Austria – Renschler is Guest Professor at Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management (IHLW) teaches GeoWEPP course.

2017 United Nations Joint FAO/IAEA – GeoWEPP is featured in book “Use of 137Cs for soil erosion assessment”

2017 Department of Geography and Regional Research, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria – Renschler is Guest Professor of Integrated Environmental Management initiating GeoWEPP project and fieldwork.

2016 United Nations Joint Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) / International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – Starting WEPP/GeoWEPP Workshop series training isotope experts in Morocco, China and the US.

2010 U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – WEPP/GeoWEPP Distance Learning Modules are now available online.

2009 American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers (ASABE) Annual Meeting – Chris Renschler and Dennis Flanagan receive the ASABE Superior Paper Award.

2007 Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) Annual Meeting – Chris S. Renschler receives the SSSA Soil & Water Conservation Young Scholar Award.

2003 New York Times (August 7, 2003) – Click image to view the article online.