Bug Report

Please describe what you were trying to do, what was the error that came up, what kind of data you were using, and did you start from a new GeoWEPP run or was this from a saved GeoWEPP run. We will review you report and determine the cause. We may need to contact you to obtain more information.

One important note about bugs: If you receive an error while working with GeoWEPP, the best course of action is to exit GeoWEPP, delete the project folder you were working in, and start again. If the error occurs again, then e-mail us about the issue.  We have noticed that we can run the same simulation a large number of times and then, suddenly one of the simulations has an error. We would start over and we would receive an error. This could be the result of any number of factors beyond GeoWEPP (like a read/write lag on the hard drive).

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