Important Notes

LOAD STATUS WINDOW GOES BLANK: If focus is changed from the load status window, the window goes blank. ArcGeoWEPP is still loading, but the progress info will not be visible. This has no effect on the load process.

DO NOT USE SPACES IN ANY FOLDER NAME: TOPAZwill not work if there is a space in any of the ArcGeoWEPP folders. GeoWEPP will prevent you from using spaces in any folder except in the installation or if you manual change a folder name.

WINDOWS 7, 64-BIT COMPUTERS: WEPP will not run properly when installed in the “Program Files (x86)” folder; please install WEPP in a different directory. Sometimes an error occurs with GeoWEPP.exe; you should set the Compatibality so that it “Runs as an Administrator”.